Supported Wage System Agreement

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The supported wage system agreement is a program that aims to help people with disabilities enter the workforce and earn a living wage. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement between employers and employees that enables individuals with disabilities to work in a supportive and inclusive environment.

What is the supported wage system agreement?

The supported wage system agreement is a government initiative that provides assistance to employers who hire people with disabilities. It allows employers to pay a reduced wage rate based on the capacity of the employee to perform the job assigned to them. This wage rate is calculated according to the employee`s productivity level, as assessed by a job coach.

The supported wage system agreement aims to remove barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities and increase their workforce participation. It helps employers to access a pool of talented and motivated employees who may have been overlooked in the past.

Who is eligible for the supported wage system agreement?

To be eligible for the supported wage system agreement, an individual must have a disability that limits their capacity to work at the same rate as an able-bodied worker. The disability can be physical, intellectual, or psychiatric in nature. The individual must also be of working age and willing and able to work.

How does the supported wage system agreement work?

Under the supported wage system agreement, employers must enter into a formal agreement with the employee and a job coach. The job coach is responsible for assessing the employee`s productivity level and determining the appropriate wage rate. The wage rate is based on the employee`s assessed productivity level as a percentage of the productivity of an able-bodied worker performing the same job.

The agreement can be terminated at any time by either party with notice. The employee is also entitled to all the rights and benefits afforded to other workers, such as sick leave, annual leave, and workers` compensation.

Benefits of the supported wage system agreement

The supported wage system agreement provides numerous benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, it provides an opportunity to gain meaningful employment, earn a wage, and develop new skills. It also helps to promote social inclusion and a sense of purpose.

For employers, it provides access to a talented and motivated workforce, improves workplace diversity and inclusion, and may lead to reduced staff turnover and increased productivity. It also helps to build a positive corporate social responsibility profile.


The supported wage system agreement is a valuable initiative that supports individuals with disabilities to gain access to the workforce. It is a win-win arrangement for employers and employees that promotes diversity and social inclusion. Employers are encouraged to explore the option of hiring employees with disabilities and participate in this worthwhile program.

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